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🍊 Tangelo

SandboxAQ's python package to explore chemistry workflows on quantum computers

🔵⚪ Quantum Open Source Foundation (QOSF)

QOSF aims to enhance open source software in quantum computing


A linear optics simulation framework for quantum computing

⚛️ bloqade-python

QuEra's Neutral Atom SDK for Analog QPUs

⚛️📊 Amazon Braket Default Simulator

Provides an implementation of quantum simulators that can run locally, meant to be compatible with the Amazon Braket SDK

⚛️💻 Amazon Braket SDK

An open-source Python SDK for interacting with quantum computers and simulators on Amazon Braket

⚛️🐍 Quantum Machines QUA-to-Qiskit compiler & simulator

Transforming QUA into Qiskit to simulate quantum programs without hardware constraints.

⚛️🌐 Qiskit Provider for Amazon Braket

Provider to run Qiskit programs on Amazon Braket quantum hardware and simulators

⚛️🪙 PennyLane Plugin for Amazon Braket

Plugin allowing PennyLane to use Amazon Braket quantum hardware and simulators

⚛️🌊 BraketAHS.jl

Tensor network simulator for analog Hamiltonian simulation

⚛️🐍 AutoQASM

An experimental, imperative programming interface for developing quantum programs in native Python


A python framework for creating, editing, and invoking Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) circuits


A high-performance platform for hybrid quantum-classical computing

🏃‍♂️⏱️ qBraid-SDK

Platform-agnostic quantum runtime framework designed for both quantum software and hardware providers.

📍 Qublitz

A simulated journey along the Bloch Sphere for students learning about quantum computing.

QuTiP Tutorials

Tutorials for both novice and experienced QuTiP users.

Quantum Universal Education

The community aims to disseminate educational resources on various aspects related to quantum technologies.

📚👩🏻‍💻 Classiq Library

Quantum Applications, Algorithms, Tutorials and Functions, built with the Classiq Platform