🍊 Tangelo

Tangelo is an open-source Python package for quantum chemistry simulation workflows on quantum computers. It was developed as an engine to accelerate research, and takes advantage of other popular frameworks to harness the innovation in the field.

This package provides a collection of backend-agnostic algorithms and toolboxes to support quantum algorithms R&D and the design of successful experiments on quantum devices. Tangelo is integrated with various quantum frameworks and devices (Qiskit, Qirq, Pennylane, Qulacs, Braket, ...), and offers many useful features that are not particularly related to chemistry.

A separate Github repository is dedicated to hands-on examples and tutorials (https://github.com/goodchemistryco/Tangelo-Examples), covering the simulation of quantum circuits, quantum algorithms, example of hardware experiments carried by researchers and the modelling of chemical systems with quantum computers. It also welcomes contributions from users.

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