⚛️🐍 Quantum Machines QUA-to-Qiskit compiler & simulator

Unlock the full potential of quantum computing with our cutting-edge project that converts QUA, QM's hardware programming language, into a Qiskit Pulse representation. This advancement allows developers to directly simulate quantum-control programs on virtual qubit systems, bypassing the need for physical quantum hardware. This enhanced capability not only accelerates the development and testing of quantum applications but also deepens user understanding and intuition of QUA, Qiskit, and the broader field of quantum computing.

Our compiler already converts most QUA programs and includes a basic simulator for fixed-frequency transmons. We're seeking enthusiastic developers to enhance these capabilities, particularly in expanding the simulated quantum systems and developing a seamless front-end interface. This effort will not only refine our tool but also elevate the scope of quantum research and applications.

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