🏃‍♂️⏱️ qBraid-SDK

The qBraid-SDK is a platform-agnostic quantum runtime framework designed for both quantum software and hardware providers.

This Python-based tool streamlines the full lifecycle management of quantum jobs—from defining program specifications to job submission, and through to the post-processing and visualization of results. Distinguishing itself through a streamlined and highly-configurable approach to cross-platform integration, the qBraid-SDK does not assume a fixed target software framework. Instead, it allows providers to dynamically register any desired run input program type as the target, depending on their specific needs. These program types are interconnected via a graph-based transpiler, where each program type is represented as a node and supported conversions as edges. The breadth, depth, and connectivity of this ConversionGraph can be customized by the provider.

The framework also facilitates the insertion of additional program validations, circuit transformations, and transpiler/compiler steps into its modular pipeline through a comprehensive RuntimeProfile. This profile encapsulates both device properties (such as number of qubits, maximum shots, native gate set) and the software requirements (ProgramSpec) needed to submit a job, vastly reducing the overhead and redundancy typically associated with cross-platform integrations in quantum computing.

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